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sacnav wrote:

Thanks a lot for your inputs..

Please let me know the brands of accessories..

Bag, memory card and other details.. also where did you buy those?

I buy all of my stuff off Amazon because they're usually close to least expensive and have a terrific return policy. Currently Amazon has a deal that if you buy the Canon 55-250 lens when you buy the camera, they'll take $150 off the price of the lens. This is a no brainer addon because you get the pretty decent zoom lens for between $50-$75. They also give you a free 16 GB memory card. See the t4i promotions for more details on the Amazon page. Just make sure you have all of this in your cart when you order.

As far as bags go, get one big enough to hold all your stuff for now. You can always buy a travel/carry bag when you're out about the town. I like bags over backpacks myself because you usually get more space for the money and I have a smaller carry bag for when I'm walking around town and don't need all of my gear.

Here are my absolute recommendations:

  • Canon t4i with 18-135 - Check this page for promotions
  • Canon 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 - $50-$75 with promotional discount
  • Off Brand Backup Battery - $15, you need at least 1
  • Lens Hood For 18-135 - I don't use UV filters for protect, but I always buy a lens hood. A pretty easy way to protect against bangs, drops, and finger prints. Lens hoods can improve picture quality because they reduce flares. I like the Canon brand because of their construction quality. Up to you if you want to go off brand.
  • Speedlite 430 EX II - Best accessory I have. Really opens up low light possibilities and allows you to do bounce flash.

Below are some other nice things. I put the bag's that I have, but you may have a different style. Other things are listed that I use, but you may not need them.

  • Canon Camera Bag - This is my "store everything" bag. This holds all of my gear easily with a little room left over for a few more things. Some people prefer backpacks. Just a matter of preference.
  • Lowepro Passport Sling Bag - This is my walkaroudn bag. It won't hold all your gear, but it will hold camera with lens on it and 1-2 other accessories. I like it because it looks like a messenger bag and it works very well. You may like something more like this Lowepro depending on your style.
  • Dolica Tripod - I debated a long time on what tripod to get and this one has served me well. You can spend a lot more or less depending on your need. It's made as a camera tripod meaning it's ok, but not great for shooting video. Tripods for video have different heads on them. They're easier to pan, but not as great for shooting photos. So a tripod comes down to what you need it for.
  • Remote Shutter Release - Handy tool for releasing the shutter manually. I use it when I'm taking portraits of the family/people and don't want to press the shutter myself or if I want to be in the picture.
  • Understanding Exposure Book - I don't know what your level of photography skills are, but this book has greatly helped me out and has been recommended to me every time I ask for a book recommendation. A definite must read if your knowledge of photography is new like mine was when I was buying everything.
  • Lens Hood for 55-250 - This is the lens hood for the 55-250. If you use this lens a lot, it's probably worth getting for protection and to reduce flares.
  • Sandisk Extreme 32 GB SD Card - You need class 10 memory cards for best performance. I have this 32 GB SD card but they have other capacities. I highly recommend this brand. 

Here are the other lenses I have:

  • Canon 17-55 f/2.8 IS - Terrific low light multipurpose zoom lens. It's expensive, but will be the lens I use the most. I had a Canon 28mm f/1.8 that I originally tried for low light normal snapshots, but it had focus issues and this zoom is much better for what I need.
  • Canon 50mm f/1.4 - Most of my photos are of family and friend, so this lens is exactly what I need for shots of groups of 1-3 people.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions or help deciding between A or B of something.

I'll offer this last piece of advice. Don't "settle" for anything less than what you want (within reason). If you can't afford lens A becuase it's $300 more than you really want to spend, just wait. As with golf, photography, and many other activities, you enjoy it more when you trust your equipment.

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