Great photoshoot today! Another winner! (D600 img)

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tashley wrote:

Neil is clearly taking the p!ss, very successfully. No-one with any kind of an eye, or any level of experience at all, would think this is a good shot. It looks like a still from a low budget teen vampire movie and I am quite sure that Neil knows this. But, irritating though his repeatedly posting poor quality shots with bloatedly self-congratulatary rubric was to start with, it is actually quite funny now because of the extreme reactions it evokes in the 'bloatrage' crowd, who, IMHO, are conned into displaying a level of self-satisaction to match the fake self-satisfaction Neil shows himself.

That said, this forum really isn't the place for it according to DPR rules, and in any event the joke is getting old. Move along, nothing to see here, and I personally think it;d be great if in future we all just don't answer Neil's threads in this vein.

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I don't think anyone would disagree with you.

If a comedian persistenty tries to be a comedian at completely the wrong venue then he's just a very poor comedian - an embarrasment to himself and a mild irritant to others.

Thats all I have to say about the matter.

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"The job of the photographer is not to record indisputable fact but to try to be coherent about intuition and hope."
-- Robert Adams

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