Waste Ink Counter reset utility for Epsons

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Re: Waste Ink Counter reset utility for Epsons

Can I just correct a couple of generalisations on the post above to provide a little more detail as there's a danger here of getting into the "one size fits all" mindset when that's actually not accurate.

1. The A10_IPR which is compatible with the Photo 1400 (in any country where the model is actually the same) is not generally available outside of the USA but can be located.

2. The same utility can reset a number of other older Epson printers including the R1800, R2400, etc... (detailed list here)

3. BUT it will only reset the waste counter back by a proportion of the overall capacity, it does not reset the waste counter to zero (ie: new printer levels). This is also true of other newer IPR utilities (those that truly are only North American centric) so these Epson utilities are not the nirvana that may otherwise have been assumed.

As for other printers... in most cases you are reliant on one of three other utilties or types of utility:

1. The good old "SSC Utility" which is still available for download but hasn't been maintained since the days of the D88 so for old printers (read: 5+ years) still worth hanging on to a copy

2. The varied array of "Service utilities" or "Adjustment Programs" that have been released to the general internet in various guises. Many have protection routines built in such as needing the date putting back, or these have been removed, resulting in the frequent false positive "Trojan detected" warnings from anti-viruses (explanations at to why here)
Note: There are some genuinely infected versions on the internet too, so exercise extreme caution when using these utilities!

3. The WICReset utility, which is effectively a Pay-per-reset tool, is being developed almost as a commercial version of the SSC. Cost is around $10 for a single "key" (bulk discounts available) which you use to activate a reset but it is actively being developed with newer printer models being added to its compatibility database on a regular basis. Yes you have to pay for something that previously didn't cost, but at least there's a tool! Compared to the £40 - 150 option it's a bargain so the "free for all" opinion is frankly ill-targetted IMHO.

Oh and there's a Mac OS version as well in the guise of the iWIC which never would have existed any other way so (assuming your OS is sufficiently recent) Mac users can finally benefit without having to grovel to their Windows friends (the ones they like lording it over :-D).

As for pad replacement/redirection... There are various kits available with a variety of support levels and/or documentation. Some are downright dangerous with tube diameters that are too small so keep an eye out for "cheap and cheerful" (and yes I am biased but my opinion is not without merit).

Many of the newer Epson desktop printers are also coming out with new replaceable maintenance tanks/pad-holders that really shouldn't cost more than £20 to replace and reset but stocks are usually 6-8 weeks and the service centres appear hard wired to the "Buy a new one" position or simply resetting without pad replacement so check any services done to ensure pads have indeed been changed (Far too many reports of people being ripped off in this regard).

Obviously I have a vested interest given my Printer Potty kits but in all seriousness there is very little reason for anyone to have to replace their printer on the basis of a nappy and a bit of printer memory. It's like chucking the baby out with the bath water... Nuts!

Questions, criticisms, feedback? Fire away but I hope the above helps clarify a few further points on the topic.



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