Which Online Class or Course?

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Re: Which Online Class or Course?

Before you lay out good money for an online course, I would recommend a trip to your local library.  Most library's will have current books on most digital photography subjects, including Lightroom, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and general photography books.  Don't forget to check out the DVD section in the library.  I found a DVD at my local library, "How to Shoot RAW without Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt."  While I found it a little dry, it had some great information on Adobe vs. JPG, the difference between various colorspace, and some instruction in using Lightroom.  Even though the DVD is a few years old, the basics of Lightroom have not changed and I picked up some useful instruction on many of the techniques and sliders.  If I wasn't convinced to shoot RAW begore watching this DVD, I definitely am now.

I also picked up all of Scott Kelby's Digital Photography book series from the library and am currently making my way through them.  You could get several weeks of free reading from the library and then would have a better idea of any specific subjects you want to spend cash on through an online course if any.  You may find you can save your money and buy a new lens instead 

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