Watchdog investigates Epson printers

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Re: Watchdog investigates Epson printers

Aristoc wrote:

Who wants to own a printer for more than several years anyway? You do want to get in on new techonology eventually ?

For myself, personally, there are plenty of reasons to stick with "old" printers.

  1. Being able to use existing stock of cartridges or a CIS system.
    Case in point, my D88 still works fine with a CIS that wastes minimal ink and was well built from day #1.
  2. CIS auto reset chip procedures are becoming increasingly complicated going from power off/on (4 years ago) to needing to wait until individual chips read "empty" and only being able to reset that chip (making it a LOT more wasteful)
  3. Newer printers use increasingly more recycled materials, waste more ink.
  4. Older printers usually have an established set of alternative consumables that have been tried, tested and all the resources that that entails such as profiles.
  5. Following on from 4. above, most, if not all, the quirks on older printers are usually well documented making it easier to troubleshoot issues without having to be the one figuring it out the hard way.
    ... and last but not least...
  6. If it ain't broke why fix it?

Sure, there are some reasons to get newer printers, but beyond some additional functionality such as auto duplexing, networking built-in, etc... I'm not entirely sure that newer equals better. In many ways it often isn't. But that's just my opinion.

It's the paper and print that you want to last long.

Agreed, but seriously, why would you only want your printer to last between 2 and 18 months? That's a lot of investment in experience, unit cost, ink profiling, etc... to just toss out the door with the printer...

Just my 10 penneth worth...

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