A nice video review of the 24-70 F2.8s (Nikkor/Canon/Tamron/Sigma)

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Re: A nice video review of the 24-70 F2.8s (Nikkor/Canon/Tamron/Sigma)

I tend to look at it differently. I think Canon wanted to up the game in terms of image quality with their 24-70 (and from the looks of it, at the wide end (24mm), it's one of the best 24mm options out there, period), and by doing so, that meant no VR. You can't just willy nilly toss a VR system into a complex lens design without optical penalty of some sort, particularly with the really complex wide angle zoom designs. I have no doubt, being as marketing oriented as Canon is, if they COULD have designed a 24-70 with VR (IS) AND made it as sharp as their new one is, they absolutely would have - no question about it. Thing is, for an 2.8 design, they didn't, because they, probably like Nikon, didn't like the result of the tradeoffs when they sat down at the computer. I fully expect if we see a Nikon 24-70 2.8 with VR, that it won't have quite the imaging performance of the non VR one.

Now - as for the Tamron. I recently evaluated one on a D600 and I'll state right up front I was pleasantly surprised. Speedy, accurate focusing, felt nice in the hand, and was pretty sharp. However, on the more critical side of the coin, it didn't have quite the "bite" of the Nikkor 24-70 (in it's strong zone), or of the new Canon 24-70, or of something like the Zeiss 35/2, which I also evaluated on a D600. To my eyes, there were slight compromises, optically, to get that VC unit in there, and thus, it's like shotcents said in his post: for some types of work the Tamron, by nature of having VC, is going to be the best fit for the task, and for others, the Nikkor will be.

While I liked the Tamron myself (although I have very serious doubts about it's build quality and reliability from what I'm hearing in the field), for what I do I have no need for VR or VC and prefer the marginally better optical performance of the Nikkor since I shoot a D800E and also use such a lens for landscapes; but this doesn't in any way mean the Tamron won't be the better choice for others.


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