Help with Epson r2880 problem

Started Nov 7, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: Help with Epson r2880 problem

Hello Alpha B-Doug

I'm writing from France. I do have the same problem on the same printer model !

I lost many hours to find a solution, at least. Finally, I disassembled the body printer and cleaned every part accessible with a "air bomb", and washed every rollers drive with clear water. A lot of dust was present and some tumbleweeds flew out under the wind.

Then I did alignment heads, many times.

Finally, my printer goes better, but not totally.

I suspect yet an anomaly in one or two cartridges (Epson) which are perhaps too old (Build date 2010 !) I will change them quickly. I did have this problem some months ago, and he disappeared when I changed a black cartridge (Black Mat to Black glossy).

Did you resolved your problem ?

Best regards, and sorry for my bad english.


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