Moving to primes, should I sell the 16-35 or the 24-70?

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Re: Sell your wife Moogles

Schwany wrote:

Moogles wrote:

Schwany, you sound like my wife. Always buying but never letting go even when under utilised. My thoughts are exactly opposite, sell when there's still value in it and buy new things that's more suited for our needs rather than to have things collecting dust in the dry box. My wife is opposite, much like you, no subtraction, always seen it as a loss.

Interesting response from somebody that can't make up their own mind. Where the heck did the ridiculous set of assumptions come from? You don't know a darn thing about me Moogles. My time is worth considerably more than what it takes to sell the little items. The 16-35 will get used again on another body eventually or get handed down. No loss here. You're a weird one.

Hi Schwany, sorry if my post appear to be rude or offensive, I dont mean anything negative. I know there are people who prefer not to sell things. I'm just a different kind of person even if it mean a loss. Apologies if my earlier post sounded weird. Thank you for posting.

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