Nikon 55-300 auto the manual focus

Started Nov 21, 2012 | Questions thread
YoHahnMD Senior Member • Posts: 1,954
Re: Nikon 55-300 auto the manual focus

mgd43 wrote:

BobSC wrote:

There is an A/M switch on the side. Put the switch in M to manual focus and A to autofocus.

Some nikon lenses have an A-M/M switch. In A-M you can just reach up and manual focus whenever you want without moving the switch. That's probably what you were reading about.


In order to use the 'A/M' mode on Nikon lenses that have that feature, you press the shutter release half way to auto focus, but you must keep the shutter release pressed when you fine tune the AF and then shoot the picture without taking your finger off of the shutter release, otherwise the camera will re-auto focus again when you touch the shutter release.

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