M9 with 35mm or Fuji X100 dilemma?

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Re: M9 with 35mm or Fuji X100 dilemma?

parlens wrote:

EricWN wrote:

parlens wrote:

Thanks all...

I speak of value in two year's time because I may want to then upgrade (in case there is a Fuji X system that is full frame, as Fuji says they are working on full-frame now...or if there is a Leica that performs better at higher ISOs)...

Does anyone here have experience shooting both Leica and Fuji x100?

It would be nice to hear from you.

I'm pretty sure Fuji have stated to not be working on Full Frame in the recent interviews. Can you provide a source from Fujifilm to support this claim?

Here is the linK::


Thanks! Let's hope they come up with a final decision at some stage and let the customers know.

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