Apologies from the “Tilted” host

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Re: Apologies from the “Tilted” host

RaptorUK wrote:

ConanFuji wrote:

I typed out a reply which is almost similar to the host's about 6 hours ago, but I fell asleep at the keyboard and didn't send it out. Raptors in my opinion has taken the words out of context by excluding the latter part.

The way the host worded it can be explained with numerous analogy, for example:

God : Adam, you can eat any fruits that you like in this garden. just keep your mouth away from the apples or I will kick you out of Eden.

several hours later....

Adam : ...but you said I could eat ANYTHING I like... And I happen to like THAT!

God : I said no apples!

Adam : That's a contradiction as far as my interpretation...

The rest is history...

Your analogy is bad . . .

God gave a specific exclusion to Adam . . . "don't eat the Apple" the Host gave no such similar exclusion.

The Host said “Interpret as you wish, but I will DQ if not directly relevant to title” this would be like God saying to Adam "Eat any fruit you like, if you eat any fruit I don't wan you to eat you will be cast out" there is contradiction in both sets of statements . . .

The Host allows the Entrant to interpret Tilt "as they wish" . . . as long s it meets the Hosts interpretation at the same time, unfortunately the Host neglected to say what his interpretation was (his intent) so it is then unfair to penalise those Entrants that guessed it incorrectly.

I could have entered a picture of a Pinball machine that had been bashed so was "tilted" . . . the physical machine would have been straight, the verticals perpendicular and the horizontals level . . . it would show my interpretation of "tilt" but not the Hosts . . . why should I be DQed ?

Hosts are kind of like God in their own little Challenge world. They have omnipotence to remove anything that they want.  Unfortunately they do not have omniscience, as demsonstrated in this example.  Or the wisdom.

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