OMD EM-5 w/ OLY 14-150 My first few shots. CC's appreciated

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OMD EM-5 w/ OLY 14-150 My first few shots. CC's appreciated

I had a chance to use the OMD-EM-5 with the Oly 14-150 while I was in the Philippines. Here are some samples.

The pictures on the beach was taken late in the afternoon as you can see from the angle of the sun. The other was taken pointing towards the sun to create a sepia effect. Flare was very minimal on the 14-150.

The flowers was cropped to a square format from 16:9

The sunset is a little grainy.

All pictures were resized and some PP done (exposure, lighting, cropping)

So far, I’m impressed with the EM-5 and with the 14-150, very nice combination as an all-in-one package. Yes there are better and sharper lenses out there but the range of the 14-150 is an excellent one lens carry for what I do (I wish they can come out with a 18-300 equivalent). I will be getting the following lenses to kinda complete my system and maybe a 2ndOMD body J

Oly 9-18 for landscape and interior shots

Oly 45/1.8 for portrait

Pana 100-300 for long distances

I’m very satisfied with the OMD. I do have a lot to learn and hours of hands on to get to know the camera. But being back here in Afghanistan, there are no interesting subject to shot at L but I will manage and will think or create something.

All shots were handheld. CC’s welcome.


How can I set the focus point to stay at the center? I can’t find it in the manual. When I’m shooting at the flowers, the focus varies depending on the subject contrast. I like to keep and lock the focus at the center and just recompose.

What’s a decent small flash for the EM-5? The one that came with the cam is just not powerful enough.

Is there a book detailing the EM-5 functions and features? The manual is a joke. I want to learn the ins and outs of the EM-5as much as I can. I know I can only be good at it when using it but with a good book, it will speed up  my learning curve.



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