Nex6 as a travel camera

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Nex6 as a travel camera

Hey Guys,

Ive done a lot of research into DSLR and other compact cameras lately. Im looking for a travel camera the that ill be using mainly for landscapes, architecture and people/environmental shots. Im after something easy to carry and most likely wont be bringing a bunch of lenses out with me day to day.

It was basically between the Canon 7D and a Nex camera (initially the Nex 7). The canon seemed too bulky with the lens etc and I think I've settled on the Nex 6 as i don't really need 24mp.

My options when buying the Nex 6 are basically the single lense kit with a extra lens or double lense kit. In my mind ive narrowed it down to any two of the three following lenses.

16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS - I can see this being a good every day lens and still be able to stick the camera in my jacket pocket. seems like it will be good for landscapes and good for framing people. Main attraction to this is its small size and higher versatility over the 16mm pancake lens.

The 35mm F1.8 OSS also catches my attention as i think it may make a really good every day lens too. Not too wide to snap people but still wide enough for landscapes and could take some cool night/twilight pictures and may be good for bokeh kind of photos.

55-210mm F4.5-6.3 OSS - I think it *may* be handy having a zoom lens, but it is bulky and I'm not sure if ill actually bother using it much. Im not going to Africa on safari trying to spot animals or anything like that!

I worry if i get a wide lens with the zoom lens ill never use the zoom lens because it will be too much of a pain to lug around everywhere. Im also thinking ill only use one of the two wide lenses the most. Im not sure if ill need to go right down to 16mm or if i really need a lens than can go to F1.8. Are the two wide angle lenses that different that ill be switching between the two or will they be more complimentary to each other. Both will do, one just slightly better depending on the situation?

What do you guys think? Im a camera noob and at the moment sport a Sony TX-5. I do know a bit about ISO, F stops, EV, shutter speed etc so am keen to upgrade to something semi-pro/enthusiast. There just seem to be so many lenses out there and im not sure how different they actually are in real life out in the streets and what ill get the most joy out of using.

Any help or thoughts will really be appreciated.


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