SX50 HS, Does Well Capturing a Sand Dune Scene

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Re: SX50 HS, Does Well Capturing a Sand Dune Scene

MarioV wrote:

Hi Russ

Its a camera that you need to experiment and get comfortable with. You need to spend more time with it.

Hi Mario...

You are right. I use to own the SX40 HS. They aren't like wielding a DSLR. That is for sure. You have to slow down, be patient and hope they do what you want them to do. I do like that I can record RAW files with the SX50 HS. That, alone, makes a 100% improvement over the SX40 HS.

I like the extra reach, as well, but when the light gets low, even a little bit, the AF struggles. I haven't attatched it to a tripod yet, but I expect it will perform much better then, at the longer focal settings.

I am impressed with the bokeh you can get from the SX50 HS lens. It's much more pleasant and less distracting, than I find the bokeh of the FZ200 lens to be.

I'll post more photos, as I get more time...



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