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Shield3 wrote:

Anyone else like me underwhelmed by the a99 video image? Even with good glass?

i'm coming from a gh2 i use mostly for video and sometimes for photos. i was really keen on an a99 as a full frame replacement, but after doing so much research i could not find any definitive reviews of the video performance, and most of the videos i have seen looked average. so i took my memory card to the sony store and played around with photos and videos. and after reviewing the footage, yes i was underwhelmed.

probably the thing i was most keen to try was the IS for video. i have a small rig for my gh2 when using non-stabilised lenses, and i was hoping with the a99 IS i could manage without a rig. but i have to say the a99 video IS is unusable for me. because it's electronic post stabilisation, you end up with horrible motion blur artifacts and warping, which basically ruins your footage.

video wasn't particularly sharp or detailed. this was using the cz24-70. without doing a side by side comparison i would say my gh2 is easily as good if not better.

the autofocus in video is too fast and sudden, doesn't accelerate and decelerate smoothly, even with the autofocus speed set to slow. pdaf autofocus without hunting was something i was looking forward to as well, but again not usable for anything serious.

on the positive side, the focus peaking was great, and the silent multi-controller is awesome. i wish the gh3 had both those features...

so now i'm torn. i just ordered an om-d and i'm probably going to get a gh3, going further into m4/3. going to rent a 5d mk iii to test, and then will have to wait and see what sony announces in jan to see how my full frame upgrade path goes.

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