X100 vs. X-E1 IQ-wise

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Re: X100 vs. X-E1 IQ-wise

nawknai wrote:

If you want to see some of my photos, see my gallery here at DPReview. I posted a few threads recently of some photos taken within the last 4-5 months.

I have no X-Pro 1 photos in my gallery, but it's not like the world is lacking.

With things like write speed, I really can't comment because on the X-Pro 1, I've mainly been shooting RAW + JPEG, which means 2 copies of the same photo are stored on my camera. With my X100, I've always shot RAW only. Either way, it has never really held me back.

AF speed is lens dependent, so it's also difficult to compare. The X100 isn't fast, but it has never been too slow for what I do, even street photography. If you just want to point your camera at something moving and expect 100% success rates with the autofocus, then you're out of luck. This camera isn't great at it. But photography does require some skill, planning, and thought.

For what I shoot, it's absolutely fine. I'd say the only negative thing about shooting with the X100 is that for up-close objects, the OVF is slightly unreliable due to parallax, even though the camera corrects/shifts the frame to correct for parallax.

And I think the start-up time on both cameras is OK without the "quick startup" feature turned on. For me, the camera is either in your hand and powered on because you're ready to shoot, or it's in the case with the power off. Your camera will time out if you don't shoot for a few minutes, but I just hold the shutter button to awaken it. I don't have a stopwatch, but it's not slow.

Thanks, that helps a lot. One more question though. You say you shoot the XPro RAW and JPEG and the X100 RAW only. As I want to cut down on the PP front as well, could you tell me why you don't use the JPEGs on the X100? Is it a question of your preferred workflow or do you think the RAWs are that much better?

BTW, the pics in your gallery are very nice.



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