How can I improve my picture

Started Nov 22, 2012 | Questions thread
Josh Adelson Regular Member • Posts: 137
Try other shooting angles?

The shooting angle you have chosen is the most "ordinary", i.e. that of a standing person approaching the table.  You might gain drama or impact shooting at table level or even from below looking up.  You could try a number of different angles and distances and see what resonates.

Also, since you mention that the bottle has sentimental value, it suggests that you don't need to see the whole bottle to identify it.  Consider close-ups with just a portion of the label and the wine glass.  It might be more evocative to cause the reader to identify the bottle in his/her mind rather than tell the entire story in the picture.

It's nice to see a post purely about photography as a break from the camera X vs. Y sort!

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