Watchdog investigates Epson printers

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Re: Watchdog investigates Epson printers

Erm... you could say that I have a "little" experience of this as the Printer Potty kits I sell were designed as a solution to the problem which Epson have steadfastly ignored in the UK.

I could go on and on and on... (and plenty more besides) about the different experiences customers report to me about different franchise service centres but the baseline is that outside of North America, the lack of legal muscle being applied to Epson means that tools provided to end-users there are not available in Europe or anywhere else.

Even then the reset tools provided are only designed to work for so long, they do not reset the waste counters to zero but instead free up a proportion of the total capacity presumably to deal with the supposed "Excess" that pads invariably have left over before truly overflowing.

Bottom line with all of this is the following:

1. If you keep your printer running for years you are more likely to be buying third party consumables.

2. If you have to buy a new printer you are likely to have to buy original consumables for at least an initial period because your new printer is not supported by third party alternatives.

3. The manufacturers invariably only get profit from the consumables so if you're not buying their cartridges, you are a loss to them.

You CAN get your printer serviced and there are third party solutions like my own and the WICReset tool, that deal with the problem in a more cost effective way but it is not in the interests of Epson or any other Printer manufacturer for you to keep your printer running.

If you want more information on the problem, then the following sites provide plenty of resources and links to commercial products that sort it. And while yes I'd benefit if you purchase, the purpose of this post is to highlight the information on this topic, not to sell.

Comments, feedback, etc... welcome... In all seriousness, I'm amazed that Watchdog did so little research on the problem or more accurately the solutions. It would appear the goal was one of righteous indignation generation rather than providing ways to tackle the problem.

Which makes them just as much part of the problem, frankly...

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