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Re: Answer for your "understanding"

Great Bustard wrote:

But if you were shot f/1.4 on one format, and then shot f/1.4 on another format, I can tell you that the resulting photo was rather different, and not only in terms of DOF (although DOF may have been the most noticable of the differences).

The above is curious!

I can't see what you can mean by the above. Apart from the obvious differing FOV of the resultant images, there would be no difference, certainly with regards to DOF. Otherwise how would the lens 'know' what format the image was going to be projected on, in advance of the light rays hitting the medium to register the image? You could tape a piece of 35mm film across (say) a full plate, and expose the composite. The only difference between the 35mm and full plate sections would be the FOV. How would the DOF or anything else be different between the two formats?


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