What's the main reason for purchasing a four/thirds camera????

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Re: What's the main reason for purchasing a four/thirds camera????

Micro four thirds typically gives you a more compact alternative to the SLR system - so smaller cameras, smaller lenses, and a lot less weight and bulk to carry around. It does this by using a slightly smaller sensor, and by removing the mirror box and instead using a purely live view system rather than an optical viewfinder. This means that instead of seeing an optical image through the lens, you are viewing the image straight from the sensor via a digital screen (either the rear LCD like a compact, or via an electronic viewfinder).

The difference between these systems really comes down to personal preference - the SLR gives you perfect resolution, and you see things instantly as they happen n front of the lens, but with only a small block of ancillary information below the image to show the camera settings. The EVF instead shows the image via a small LCD screen, which means there can be a tiny amount of lag in the image, and it is of a set resolution (newer models being much improved over the older ones) but you can control what you see much better - you can choose what information is displayed, you can show gridlines, review images and more, all through the viewfinder.

Which is best is a personal preference, and I will admit to using both... Typically I use the SLR for dedicated photo events where I want the viewfinder and response of the SLR, but carry the micro four thirds when weight is more of an issue such as when travelling.

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