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mcabato wrote:

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mcabato wrote:

when visting today a camera shop in order to replace a lost lens cap, I tested af-speed of the OM-D with my 2.8/90-250 including teleconverter. since it worked well eneough for not too fast moving subjects, it hit me, I could buy it at instant. and so I did

...why? What's wrong with the E-5? Isn't it it better on such huge and heavy lens? I mean, it sounds awkward... OM-D body + MFT adapter + TC + 90-250, what's the point? A few more megapixels?


I have been told for years here by some big nikon guys and maybe also clever canon guys that my sensor is old. even though it has outresolved always the beloved d700, d3 and d4, but it was not worth any thought, because importance is that on the body there is a button where iso 12800 is shown. so, my sensor is truly old, because it has no iso 12800 which is so much important.

also, the corrupt producer of the old sensor is a pity. it is not important, that I love the e-5 and that it makes outstandig images. you and ricardo sold their oly dslr and you changed to a cam with a feature called dr and iso. the d300 and the other to a k-5. because the d300 has an much jounger sensor, I was made thinking. and the k-5 anyhow. and shallow depth is much shallower on the d300 and k-5 I was told. so, I got mad and decided I need to get more products of the old corrupt company. a voigtlander with f/0.95 f.e is necessary. and a new senor with 50% higher resolution than d300. that is logic as owner of the old sensor.

so, out of the window of my car now there looks the 12000 iso must have with the high resolution and shallow depth of a 17mm lens and 25mm lens of f/0.95 in silver. its a tiny jewel. so much responsive. with built in digital teleconverter and af-sensor spots freely shiftable around like the 97 af sensors of the fantastic d200 and d823. and through the same window, there looks the e-5 for targets. of course with 1000mm equivalent focal length and high seped af and higher resolution than nikons flagship.

its about gear. everything is about gear. you do know, why I do need these shallow fast voigtlander lens? because I was told here many bobntimes, that any modern zuiko is just an old zuiko with a built in teleconverter. since teleconverters are bad, I have to change system to truly telecentric retrofocal design lenses without televonverter. yes, my little jewel has now electronic teleconverter, i.e. I do not need anymore the bad teleconverter built into every zuiko.

you know, I am willing to learn. so many big teachers here teaching advantages of non-telecentricity, of superiority of iso and that a rugged designerbody is waste of the good new money for an old sensor. you know, that teachers are always right by definition? so it is a good thing to lough at and follow the teachers. it ist not only good, it is a must. tell you, even sergey teaches that any oly is equivalent to a cellular phone. so, hopfully you admire my scholarship of strictly obeying the wise sayings of the teachers. maybe my old sensor blasts, by new pics, away some new sensors that produce old pics.

in this sense, big boy, think about why your nikon d300 is such a crap compared to any modern cam like the d600. did you order already the d850?

best regards gusti

Dear Gusti,

It was very interesting to read your thoughts above, even though there are a few errors in it. Only minor errors, but never the less, errors.

I jumped from Oly to the D300s, not the D300. While the D300s was a newer camera than the E-3 it had an old sensor in it, same as the D300. What the D300s had and the E-3 didn't was mainly the focus. DR and high ISO wise it was also better by about a stop but my main problem with the E-3 was that Olympus fooked up the focus totally in their last firmware update. It is my understanding that this was fixed in the E-5 but for me it was no longer interesting.

You also say that Sergey claims that his phone cam is as good as FT. I have never seen that claim, but don't forget that he had an E-500 and that modern phone cams might be able to match that camera in terms of IQ. Not in terms of DOF, but definitely in terms of IQ. Since I sold my E-500 a long time ago and my phone cam is just an old Nokia N95 with a scratched lens front so I don't know this, just guessing. But my guess is based on the experience I had when I bought that ugly Nikon V1 to replace my Canon G10 with. Quite quickly I became disappointed with the V1 because it showed better results than the D300s in far too many situations, so I got upset with the V1 with that tiny sensor. So, on my last trip to Vienna, I decided to bring only the D300s and left that ugly black cigarette box like V1 at home. Back home again, I downloaded my images and once again concluded that the V1 would have been able to take those as well, at least in most cases. So, that was it, I went to a shop, made some quick tests with the demo D800 and the next day I placed my order and shortly after that dumped my D300s. So now I have the D800 and the V1 and now I feel happy with the V1 as well, it finally ended up being the camera I bought it for, a light and small camera to be used on occasions when I want to shoot in total silence and want a very small bag with me. Now, finally I can see differences between images taken with one and the other camera. In other words, I can see what Sergey is trying to show.

You also say that "you know, that teachers are always right by definition? so it is a good thing to lough at and follow the teachers. it ist not only good, it is a must." and I strongly disagree with that. In my country we teach our children the opposite, always question the teacher, be critical to them and make your own decisions based on knowledge, not on what one or another teacher says. Listen to them, try to understand them, learn from them but in the end, don't blame them if they are telling you the wrong thing and you make your decision based on wrong things. Never the less, it is worth to listen to teachers even if we don't always agree and not always like what they are saying, because there is a possibility that they are right.

My D300s is also no crap because I don't have any D300s any more. Hopefully the new owner is very happy about it, he should be because he got a mint D300s body for the price of a D3200 body and as long as he is not comparing it with something much newer and more modern, like the V1 in the same way I compared, the D300s is still excellent. No, I did not order the D850 and I don't think I ever will. For now, the D800 is good enough, and what happens after this is not planned. Maybe time for MF (Hassy?) next time, or back to basics with something like this.

In the meantime, I am off to Grand Place on Monday for a short business trip.

All the bests wishes from Sweden and good luck with the OM-D.  

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