Your photo backup routine??

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Re: Your photo backup routine??

1. I shoot essentially everything in RAW.  Thus any backup copy I have anywhere can have anything done to it that I did before in post-processing or I can do things completely differently if I want.

2. I leave every file on my memory cards until I have finished my post-processing.

3. I keep a vault copy of my current Aperture Library on an external hard drive.

4. I backup every Aperture project to another external hard drive to keep there permanently.

5. Before I remove any project from my current Aperture Library, I backup a copy of it to a DVD that I then store in a different location.

As a result of this I have two permanent copies, one on an external hard drive and one on a DVD.  I use a catalog program, NeoFinder, to catalog all my DVDs so I can search for any photo I want to find.  NeoFinder does a great job creating searchable thumbnails, file names, etc.  I run it on my laptop and then can find what DVD to pull in order to find any previous photo I want.

The only costs I have other than my laptop is two external drives that are relatively inexpensive and the cost of DVDs.  With current recovery capabilities I feel safe that even if my hard drive fails I can still recover the files.  If that fails I have my DVDs.  Short of nuclear war or some change in particle physics, I think I'm covered!

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