Am I the crazy one? D300s with 169k actuations

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Re: Am I the crazy one? D300s with 169k actuations

h2obroker wrote:

So I was shopping eBay a few nights ago and ran across a D300s that was down around $600 and when I read the posting it said that that camera had just under 169k shutter actuations. I decided to "watch" that item because I thought that so many actuations would keep it around $600 even though personally I didn't want a camera with that much use. Of course at the end of the auction bidding continued to rise and the camera SOLD FOR $910! Wow! Is it just me or was that way too much for a camera with that much use? And where do you draw the line with actuations? What's the most you would being willing to purchase a camera with?

I bought a d300 with less than 4,000 clicks for around $550 and sold one with 200,000 for around $600. So, yes $910 is too much.

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