Wanting to like the 12-50 on the E-M5...... but falling short.

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Re: Wanting to like the 12-50 on the E-M5...... but falling short.

Pikme wrote:

I've tested my 14-45 against my 12-50 several times, bringing both lenses along on hikes and shooting scenes with each lens.

The answer is always the same - the 14-45 is a sharper lens.

i can confirm that, I have made test shots of  national maps and the 14-45mm is really better than the 12-50mm. The difference is evident, to my great dismay, since I prefer the range of the 12-50mm way more, especially at the short side. I was expecting that the 50mm won't be so good, but not the kind of  soft corners you get at the short end.

But I enjoy using the 12-50 more because I like the wider/longer range, rely on the weather sealing frequently now that summer is over, and use the macro capability (although the 14-45 focuses fairly close, too). And the 12-50 has better colors, especially blue skies. OTOH, the 14-45 has the usual nice Panasonic contrasty rendering.

After agonizing over this, I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't make a whole lot of difference for most images - if I had one lens, I wouldn't rush out and buy the other. Colors from 12-50 look more like colors from 12-60 and I like the usefulness and snappiness of the lens, so I use it most often. But the 14-45 is definitely sharper.

Thanks for sharing your experiences !

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