Are the rx1 andrx100 a good pair?

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Re: Are the rx1 andrx100 a good pair?

tesilab wrote:

I have the RX100, and am considering keeping it and selling my NEXes and E-mount lenses. The RX1 and RX100 are remarkable similar, but that isn't necessarily a good thing.

The good part is obvious, they are very, very similar. The bad part is, they are different enough that it would be potentially confusing to switch between them, since they really cannot be set up exactly identically. This can cause you to fumble at a critical moment when your muscle memory misleads you, and then you end up missing a shot.

I have experienced this problem carrying a NEX-5N and NEX-7. (It is possible to set up the NEX-7 to be near identical to the 5N, but it would really have defeated the purpose of a NEX-7.)

Examples of some differences between the RX1 and RX100:

Manual Mode supports auto-iso on the on the RX1, but not the RX100.
Function button works a bit differently on both of them
Focus peaking works without magnification on the RX100, but currently requires focus-assist magnification on the RX1 (let's hope they fix this)

I think on balance, however, they are more similar to one another than the NEXes to each other.

But I wonder if having two completely different interfaces doesn't actually work better, by preventing any possible confusion. Sharing batteries is pretty neat.

I have the same feeling about my 5n. I love it and have some great lenses but the RX100 is always with me and does a an amazing job. Not quite the control of the 5n - my SEL50 1.8 is awesome and I have a CZ25 on a Hawks helicoid adaptor giving spectacular close up ability but its no use when its at home. I just cancelled a bid on a Voigtlander 35 1.4 as I am less sure how often I will use it. Love the RX100. I toy with the idea of an RX1 but for that price I can by the next 4 iterations of the RX100........ if I change every couple of years thats 10 years of cameras and a lot of technology innovation

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