DP2 Merrill : my mini-mini review

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DP2 Merrill : my mini-mini review

I bought a DP2 Merrill last Sunday, a second hand, for 71.000 yens (generally around sold 90.000).

This is not my first Sigma camera. I own a DP1, a DP2 and a SD15 with a 17-50 lens (I do not use the kit leans 18-50 anymore).

My favourite toy is definitly the DP1, because the lens has something magic, extremely I have never felt with the DP2, while very light and pocketable. I bought them both second hand for a good price, the DP1 almost 3 years ago.

My SD15 is fantastic with its lens. But it is heavy, a kind of big. Since the software update 1.04, colours are great and noise has been improved. Also, with an extreme SD card, writing is fast. AF is still tricky, it is Sigma, despite I sent the camera because of a strong front focus, but it is accurate. I bought it new. The lens, second hand.

Japan is a paradise for second hand cameras.

I have an Olympus EPL1 I bought second hand as well. I wanted more pixels and video. The pixel count was good, but I definitly do not like the feeling of the pictures. It is grainy. Owing Sigma cameras is an "after" and I can not go back to "before". I want invisible pixels. There is a very different texture in this sensor, definitly. 3D, I do not know, but truly different.

I decided to go for the new sensor and buy a new camera. SD1 looks good, but it is expensive, and lenses Alan be a problem. I chose the DP2. It is like going to basic with a simple street camera, when I was young, with my OM1 and its 50 mm...

I feared slow writing time, low battery life... But I knew the a quality was there, and I was really looking for the jump to 15mpix.

You can see a gallery in Flickr. I took photographs randomly, please do not search for art. it is processed straight from SPP without any adjustment of any kind.


As I was used with other Sigma cameras, I feel like at home. The quick menu is similar to the one in both the SD15 and DP2.

The general menu is very different, divided in 4 sections very easy to understand. The camera is bigger than the previous DP but still pocketable enough.

The focus is quite fast compared to my DP1 and DP2, without the scary noise we were used to. The writing time is quite long, it is true. But you can still take pictures. The problem is that if you want to check the photo, it is impossible during the time the camera writes on the card. Let say, seven seconds. It is a little confusing but it is very similar to my DP2 and not that bothering. The screen is better, but what I like is that because of the pixel count, I am not forced to do a perfect shot, I can reframe after. Impossible with the previous sensor... battery life is short, let say 80 shots with one battery. I bought an extra one, so I can take circa 240 shots with 3 batteries. A 16 Go SD card. Files are really big.

The photos are just stunning. Nothing compares to that. I felt like after I bought my DP1 three years ago. But with more details. If you look at the leaves, you will actually see leaves. As this camera is light, you can take it anywhere.

But it is a slow camera. I have tried instant shots and the focus is just out. It is a perfect camera for me, as I love photographing statics things, flowers or buildings, but for the crowd, it can be difficult. It is still possible, like the DP1, with full manual setting. In this case, you can prepare the focus and exposition before and just shot if something interesting happens. As you can still continue shooting, it will be better than the DP1, and give you the feeling of photography as it was no more than 10 years ago with film cameras!

I will try low ISO later. But I am not used with it, so...

A wonderful camera.

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