Why I'm not waiting for a D400

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Re: I agree

I have no issues with sensor type. That's not what I'm suggesting. I'm basically saying that mirrorless (regardless of sensor type CX / DX / FX - if it fits), is now and will be even more so in the future as capable as DSLRs, and while many ppl have a good reason to own one now, I think those reasons will be less and less in the future as more diverse offerings are available.

Ok, so you have a bunch of DX/FX lenses, so you're going to keep your DSLR. Great. Now think that every year there are millions of potential new customers with no affiliation to brand nor lens ownership that will want a camera system. If you're Nikon, you'd want them to jump on board of the most profitable camera system you have....from my PoV, that will be the mirrorless.

Of course there will be ppl that will want a point and shoot, but for those wanting a bit more -or even a LOT more-, you will want to make mirrorless as attractive as possible by including "pro" features such as great AF, incredible FPS, good video, weatherproofing, etc. Take that, add portability and affordability and you've got a winner all the way.

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