Using FV lock to eliminate blinking eyes in Commander mode

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Re: When to use manual and when to use TTL. Both can be used with CLS.

Sammy Yousef wrote:

CLS and TTL should not be confused.

TTL is about automatic flash power/flash metering. This uses pre-flashes.

CLS is about communication between flashes to trigger them and optionally for metering. This also uses pre-flashes.

Manual flash mode does work with CLS.You don't need triggers. The problem without triggers is you'll still get some pre-flashes as the flashes communicate. In other words the reason I didn't suggest this is that it probably won't eliminate your problem with blinking. (It may reduce it as there's less to communicate...I've really never tried).

Why would you use CLS and manual off camera flash? Two reasons:

- The first is just to learn about it without spending any extra money.

- The second is for consistency, again without spending money. Assuming your flash is working correctly, and fully charged, each shot you take will have exactly the same flash exposure for all practical purposes.

Now why would you want to buy flash triggers? Apart from eliminating the pre-flash they work well in bright sunlight where CLS does not. Radio is simply a superior way to communicate between flash units compared to visible light. The signal does not affect the subject, it does not experience interference from bright light sources, and it travels through objects that are opaque to light.

I still use TTL a LOT. Why? It's convenient, and it can't be beat when the light or situation is constantly changing. For on camera flash, and for fill flash especially I'm in TTL 95% of the time.

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Totally agree!

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