Why I'm not waiting for a D400

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Re: Why I'm not waiting for a D400

That's right...I'm comparing future expected capacity / features of mirrorless cameras at the time  I think I will need an upgrade / change (3 years from now), and based on my photo requirements.

Undoubtedly, DSLRs will still have a market (sport shooters, birders, etc), very much like medium and large formats also have a market, but what I'm suggesting is that a very viable alternative is being open in the form of mirrorless cameras that would have been unthinkable only a couple of years back. From my PoV, I believe DSLRs might also become a niche market segment like medium / large format is now.

The main driver for this change, IMHO, will be profit margin. If the big camera houses can build a camera that is cheaper to manufacture than an DSLR  (and I think mirrorless are cheaper to produce...) and stlil sell it to the same price point (or slightly less) than a comparable DSLR, thus increasing their profit margin, they will push hard for this change. This means better features matching higher end DSLRs

I think the "1" segment of Nikon will have to be expanded significantly with a better offering if they want to complete in this space.

At the end of the day, camera manufacturers are actually increasing the pie size with this new segment rather than replacing it completely.

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