Dang all you SX50 owners!!!!

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Re: Dang all you SX50 owners!!!!

Having got mine yesterday (thanks to an Amazon BF offer sweetened with Canon cashback) I would definitely suggest buying it from somewhere you can try it first. I was prepared to be disappointed by the EVF (and sadly I was, reminding me why my last Canon superzoom was the S1) but I was most surprised at what an unsatisfying grip it has.

Ok, ergonomics don't contribute greatly to the final image, but this is definitely the least comfortable camera I've owned, and I wasn't expecting that.

Obviously there's more to the SX50 than this though, and I may just be spoiled by my now deceased Olympus SP-550, which has a really well designed grip that inspires confidence when operating one handed. Of course no sensible photographer operates one handed, especially with a big zoom, but it's nice to have the option.

Anyway, whether others agree with me or not, this reminded me that these days pretty much all cameras are competent and sometimes it's easy to forget the smaller things which contribute to the overall pleasure of photography. If I'd paid full price for this it would definitely be going back, but for roughly 2/3rds full price the overall package seems fair value, and I'm sure I'll soon be able to look past my rather deflated first impressions.

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