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caspianm wrote:

To Op: go to imaging resource and under "compare image" bring the test shots with red fabric.

You will see how the red pattern is totally softened out by Oly jpeg engine. At higher iso it is a far worse.

Oly AF is slower and tracking is poor. Honestly unless you have size limitation for the camera, I would buy the D7000. It is a better camera by a good margine if you look at things in detail.

since I owned both (sold my D7000 and lenses), in my humble opinion OMD is a better camera:
1. OMD AF is way more reliable then the D7000 one
2. AF Speed is on par (maybe OMD is a little faster)
3. OMD CDAF do not require to calibrate lenses
4. I found JPG engine of OMD better then the nikon one (I'm not the only) since I naver was able to have perfect skin tones with my D7000
5. OMD have a weather sealed body (and weather sealed kit lens)
6. OMD have a touch screen and you can choose where to focus by simply touching the LCD in the point where you want the focus be
7. High ISO is on par (maybe D7000 have a slight edge... but very very sligth)
8. Smaller: now I can have always my camera with me
9. more customizable controls
10. since it has in-body-stabilization ... all the lenses you mount are stabilized

OMD lacks a decent traking AF but there are walkaround for this...

Here is and extract from an Head to Head review by PhotographyBlog

‚ÄčIn actual use, we have found the E-M5's AF system to be more reliable than the D7000's, at least when focusing on a static subject using an off-centre focus point, particularly in low light. As far as focusing speeds are concerned, the OM-D E-M5 is at least as fast as the D7000, if not faster (note that this also depends on the lens being used)

You can read the full Head to Head review here:


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