Why can't Dinosaurs have Co-Existed with Humans?

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Re: On "stupid dinosaur lies"

sensibill wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

Again, all he did was present photos and info that he came across.

No. He postulated that dinosaurs might have coexisted with human beings, thus calling into question the whole creationism 'earth is not that old' nonsense. He did not simply post pictures and leave the decision as to what it might be open to interpretation. He did plenty of interpreting and got the pics from a religious website pushing forth a specific agenda.

I never once saw him trying to convince anyone of anything, but instead just open a discussion.

Yes, it's clear he was promoting the idea.

The evidence is pretty overwhelming that very early man knew what dinosaurs looked like, so a discussion was worthy, and proven so by the amount of replies... minus the few of you that are accusing him of preaching to you.

Evidence is pretty overwhelming that modern man knows what aliens look like. In our 'petroglyphs' (movies, books, TV).

The pictures have bible link watermarks. He's not culling this theory from some scientific website, or even a nondenominational conspiracy site.

See the similarity in ChrisP's reply here.  The pictures have been removed but you still see where they came from.  And that was 4 years ago.

Yahoo Answers

Like I said.... because it goes against everything you have put your faith in, you guys accuse him of proselytizing

No. It goes against proven scientific fact. These aren't theories or religious doctrines we must have faith in to believe. Dinosaurs existed and we have the technology to determine when -- and hundreds of millions of years separated Homo sapiens from those animals.

(i.e. "recruiting you into his belief system")... one of which I'm not even aware since he never mentioned his belief system other than the question supported by the evidence.

Yes, he did. He was promoting the idea.

Sounds to me like you already know he's a Christian, and thus throw accusations at him for simply creating a thread. My guess... it wouldn't have mattered what he said... your replies would have been identical.

So you have to believe in the possibility of something utterly ludicrous in order to not be anti-Christian.

Par for the course.

Being a blind anti-science fool that believes in fairy tales is also par for the course for teabagger and bible thumper types.

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