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Re: Deframenting SSDs is not recommended...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Michael Everett wrote:

Report from the OP: I installed a 256GB SSD drive with LR 4 on it, and the difference in speed is dramatic. Even though I am using a laptop with only 4GB -- I have ordered another 4GB RAM.

I was able to clone my 500 GB drive onto the SSD by moving some data files and then shrinking the volume. There is an excellent detailed bit of instructions on:


The only thing to watch out for is to make sure you have a defragger tool that consolidates space. I found PerfectDisc to work the best. It's free for 30 days.

Conventional wisdom on that subject is that defragmenting an SSD does nothing to improve performance, and only decreases SSD life expectancy due to added erase/write cycles.

I didn't defrag the SSD but had to do that to the HDD in order to shrink the volume on the HDD in order to clone the HDD onto the SSD.


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