Nikon d7000 or d5200.

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Re: Nikon d7000 or d5200.

Shunda77 wrote:

evan47 wrote:

forget about the pixel count, its just a gimmiick to make gullible people upgrade.

the d7000 is far more of a photographers tool. much better built too. it has a built in motor, CLS, and is compatible with a wider range of lenses. it also has a larger viewfinder and more, better arranged controls.

For people that like zooming in at 200% on their computer and measure-bating an image to death, high resolution cameras are an absolute must, but for displaying nice wide angle landscape shots at a correct viewing distance, it matters very little indeed.

Are you sure?

Most anybody thinks it is the other way around. The images from high-res cameras look "worse" when viewed at 100 (200)% than the images from a low-res cameras.

And it is that for displaying nice wide-angle shots, the high-res cameras smoke (to borrow a phrase from one poster here) the low-res cameras.


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