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Re: Good luck! But...

mcabato wrote:

I have been told for years here by some big nikon guys and maybe also clever canon guys that my sensor is old.

Don't know that's it's "old", but it is significantly outperformed by many other newer sensors.

even though it has outresolved always the beloved d700, d3 and d4,..

It's 12 MP, so the sensor didn't outresolve any sensor with 12MP or more.

but it was not worth any thought, because importance is that on the body there is a button where iso 12800 is shown. so, my sensor is truly old, because it has no iso 12800 which is so much important.

It's not about how high the camera's ISO setting goes, but how clean the photos are at various levels of light, and what levels of light you shoot in.

its about gear. everything is about gear. you do know, why I do need these shallow fast voigtlander lens? because I was told here many bobntimes, that any modern zuiko is just an old zuiko with a built in teleconverter. since teleconverters are bad, I have to change system to truly telecentric retrofocal design lenses without televonverter. yes, my little jewel has now electronic teleconverter, i.e. I do not need anymore the bad teleconverter built into every zuiko.

The gear, obviously, plays a rather large role, else you'd be shooting with the least expensive setup you could get.

you know, I am willing to learn. so many big teachers here teaching advantages of non-telecentricity...

Any advantages that telecentricity offered were offset (pun intended) by offset microlenses.

, of superiority of iso and that a rugged designerbody is waste of the good new money for an old sensor.

Some people shoot in low light, others don't.  Some people need rugged bodies, others don't.

you know, that teachers are always right by definition?

I've always thought that teachers were right because they were competent in their field and could support any claims they made with evidence.

so it is a good thing to lough at and follow the teachers. it ist not only good, it is a must. tell you, even sergey teaches that any oly is equivalent to a cellular phone.

Sergey "teaches" no such thing.  He demonstrates that a cellphone can take some rather excellent pics, and questions why some bother with a DSLR or mirroless cam for the pics they are taking when a cell phone would do as well.

so, hopfully you admire my scholarship of strictly obeying the wise sayings of the teachers. maybe my old sensor blasts, by new pics, away some new sensors that produce old pics.

Best not confuse the sensor with the photographer, lest we conclude from the cell phone pics I linked to here:


that a cell phone is way, way, way better than a DSLR.

in this sense, big boy, think about why your nikon d300 is such a crap compared to any modern cam like the d600. did you order already the d850?

So many have such fondness for the E1, that one might wonder why anyone would pay more for an E5 if the equipment did not matter.  Is it only in operation that the E5 is better than the E1, or does the more modern sensor have something to do with it?  What do you think?

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