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moving_comfort wrote:

Baxter Bad wrote:

I love ePhotozine reviews. They're timely, concise, and they show examples of all the in-camera filters. K5-II is a killer - if only Pentax would give us a compact, fast, weather-sealed 24mm to go with it.

Interestingly that's the reason Mike Johnston gave for just selling his K-5. Some folks really know what they want/need in a focal length, good for them.

What would be an intriguing option IMO is if Sigma reintroduced their old 24mm f/2.8 as a III version, with updated coatings. The Super-wide II version is very small, very sharp, but is a flare monster when shot without a hood. With a coating update it would be a killer lens on both aps-c and FF.

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A revised Sigma would be welcome, especially if it looks and performs like their new 35/1.4.

I just read the TOP post about the K-5 and agree with his opinion about the 35mm equivalent focal. I compromised with the 21mm but some new fast wide-angle primes are desperately needed. The perpetually out-of-stock Panasonic 20mm was a memo to the industry that Pentax seems to have missed.

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