ZR200/300: HDR-Art-video & superwideangle stitching

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ZR200/300: HDR-Art-video & superwideangle stitching

Just posted this comment to an older article in the announcement  
section; thought it might be of interest in the forum as well:
Btw, apart from the indeed (still) unique superwideangle mode, nobody  
seems to have noticed the even more interesting detail of HDR-*Art*  
video (no ordinary HDR-video though, not sure why? (even when only 2  
frames are used, instead of minimal 3 with stills?)).
Show me any other camera that can do this....
(apart from the zr300 of course, and perhaps zr1000? (that one doesn't  
seem to have the superwideangle mode either btw?))
Btw2: this superwideangle mode strangely only seems to work in  
portrait orientation (perhaps the instruction/guidance text would not  
fit the screen otherwise?)....and is definitely not as easy/foolproof  
as the panorama stitching (for which I recommend the Casio Tryx/TR100  
anyway btw, having a true 21mm (equivalent) lens).
Still, even just for the unique HDR-Art-video it's worth buying....
(although I also expect some of the current limitations in this mode  
to be solved in next generations, of both sensors & processors)
(only HD, not full-HD, and worse: no IS)


Comments are welcome, including alternative models/brands with this kind of functionality, both HDR-(Art-)Video and wide-angle stitching, current and future cameras.

(apart from some super high-end dedicated videocam's, of course....;))

Casio Exilim EX-ZR1000 Casio Exilim EX-ZR300 Casio Exilim TRYX
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