Apple step-up a gear at milking customers - anyone else feel the same?

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Re: If you don't like it buy something else.

webfrasse wrote:

danijel973 wrote:

The only whining here is by utterly biased fanboys who think the company whose gadgets they bought simply can do no wrong. I am not biased in such a way. Just because I bought a computer from a certain company doesn't mean I find it flawless and its makers gods. If they tick me off sufficiently I will buy something else, for instance I will buy a non-Apple monitor for my Apple computer, simply because Apple have ticked me off with their lack of backward compatibility. But I will probably buy another Apple laptop when this one ends its useful life, simply because they fit my needs better than the alternatives. But being a technological omnivore, I'm by no means dependent on Apple. I build my own computers for the last, I don't even remember how many years.

So I'm neither an Apple fan or an Apple hater. I look first and foremost after my own interests.

This is a mac forum and you're whining. Apple is no worse or better than any other vendor...but I would stick my neck out and say that they are better than most. Look at the innovation and consistency in the product lines from HP, Dell, Lenovo whatever...nothing. Absolutely nothing, just a constant copying and trying to keep up...

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First your statement is wrong - particularly with regards to lenovo.  But I agree - changing the mag safe plug has moved western civilization forward in significant ways. Take that HP.

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