Is upgrade from K-7 to K-5 ii worth it?

Started Nov 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
howieb101 Contributing Member • Posts: 576
Re: Having recently done the K7 to K5 myself.

I have done the same upgrade.

1. TAV becomes truly useful;
2. A noticeable improvement in image quality at all iso's and especially so at high iso's;
3. A small but noticeable improvement in AF in all conditions;
4. Live view mode AF is noteably faster;
5. Useful increase in frames per second;
6. Nice cross-processing and reversal film options if you like that kind of thing;
7. I believe I can manual focus with the K5 stock optical viewfinder screen easier (I don't know why as I don't believe it has been changed)

Put it this way, I've kept my old K7 but hope to replace this with a cheap K-01 as I know the image quality is significantly better.

Howie B

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