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Great Bustard wrote:

The reason Olympus would be foolish not to release an E7 and E700 with an EM5 sensor (or better sensor) is due to the number of people with 4/3 lenses, which still do not work as well on mFT bodies as they do 4/3 DSLRs.

Many of these people are moving to other systems, rather than mFT. So, if Olympus gave them one more generation of DSLRs before the mFT bodies were just as good with those lenses as the DSLRs, they would keep a larger base of their customers.

From a sales standpoint, m4/3 is creating far more new customers than could be retained by a new E series body. People don't like to hear that. They like to hear that there are so many 4/3 users who will stay loyal if new E series bodies come out that Olympus must do so to keep them. Generally, I think this opinion stems from people who may not fully consider the costs involved in developing new bodies that aren't just "slapping the EM5 sensor" into a variation of an existing body. Or didn't people pay attention to the backlash that arose when the E5 did essentially that: put an upgraded sensor in the E3 body with a few improvements in other areas.

I would say that the effort to try to keep 4/3 users by coming out with an E7 and E720, as great as I personally would find that to be, doesn't make sense for a company recovering from an economic scandal and years of small market share and falling profits.

But then, Olympus has a habit of being very closed-mouth about such things, and we could be surprised by what comes of the rumored upcoming announcements (I believe February 2013 is supposed to have one?)

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