Why I decided to stick with NX system

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Re: Why I decided to stick with NX system

Jorginho wrote:

"Patronize US" You are the spokesperson of all over here or do you need to make yourself bigger to give your argument some cachet??

I am not doing that BTW, patronizing, you may feel that way. I had zero such intentions and the first sentence was really how it came across to me and also meant as an honest joke. If you read it that way, it is kind of funny. I found it funny. I know he and a lot of users out there are happy with the Samsung NX.

I fail to see any patronizing in it, but if I somehow did I am sorry. Just have a different opinion on some things he writes and agree on others.

oh joringho, i remember you from way back. When nx10 came out you had huge cut and pastes prepared, with graphs(!) even to explain to the nx buyers all about their mistakes. You used to argue relentlessly against anyone who dared to like an nx, on this message board, the nx one, you know? for nx owners. You even railed against nx/m43 users that actually had first hand experience of the respective cameras (i.e not you).

you were a scurge on here, the worst kind of contributor. if you have posted an apology for your previous behaviour i apologise, but if not? then i have seen all this talk from you before. it normally happens after youve bought a new m43 cam and you want to kick the cat over it. samsung owners being the "cat".

youre a sales rep mate.

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