16MP v 24MP sensors

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Re: 16MP v 24MP sensors

illy wrote:

a Nikon with foibles? you surprise me. Anything real nasty i should know of?

Hmmm. Nothing real nasty I guess. Just a few annoyances. For me at least. Namely:

Can't lock the rear pad, so I keep accidentally moving the AF point just by holding it. This is my main gripe. Sounds minor, but I'm constantly swearing at the poxy thing for this. I've occasionally shot with it in serious paid gigs and I've nearly lost some critical shots - which is why I try not to shoot with it in serious paid gigs much!

I'm very particular about my framing, and try to get it right in camera most of the time. Its difficult using the D5100 viewfinder as its not 100% and mine is ever so slightly tilted (and I believe a lot or most of them are, but then so are many others as well). This doesn't of course apply if you're using live view, so its not an issue for critical tripod work.

Pity it doesn't have more buttons. No dedicated ISO. But you can program the button on the side of the viewfinder hump to do it (the flash mode button perhaps?). This is what I've done.

No screw drive AF. Bugger.

No commander mode for the flash is a bit of a nuisance at times. but hey ... its a cheap camera.

That's about it. Overall, its a winner. Small, light, incredibly good IQ. Flip out screen is good and of course the only nikon range that has it. Battery life is about a zillion times better than any MFT camera, despite the battery being so small. Metering seems fine. I don't push the focus module, so it does what I want ok, but I guess its a fairly basic design (I just want one centre point that doesn't frickin move around all by itself!)

Utter bargain for under 300 quid! A great travel camera as well. I really do consider the files as being pretty much the same as a D800 in DX mode. There you go, its a 16MP D800 for a fraction of the price

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