New faulty lens didn't focus properly at wedding shoot....

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Re: New faulty lens didn't focus properly at wedding shoot....

Well, I have shot a lot of weddings, and I have had flash and camera body failures, but I always noticed and switched equipment, or had my assistant takes shots I was missing.  (An assistant shooting the same time as you can cover up a lot of problems.  This is another backup!)

I watch the focus points, and on the D300 they are bright, and exact.  (Which body were you using, by the way?)  I also watch the LCD to make sure of what I am getting.

You only had 6 bad shots?  If you were shooting enough you could almost provide enough without worrying about it.  If it was an important set, you'll have to tell the client and offer a partial refund, or a portrait shoot, etc.

I only use dependable, well-proven equipment for weddings.  One time a good friend wanted to borrow one of my most important lenses (70-200mm 2.8).  I had to say no.  I have to depend on that lens working the way it always does when I first put it on the camera, knowing that it has been in my safe keeping since the last time it was used.  I can't take chances.

Hope it works out.

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