Leica film cameras.

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Re: Leica film cameras.

rubicon wrote:

I have become interested in Leica film cameras, and wondered if any here are old film shooters? either "M" series, or the "R" series.

Looking for links and general info if you don't mind.

Kin of intrigued.


M7 and M6 TTL here. Get Walgreens color film if you're in the US. Said to be Fuji. WAIT for the incredible sales and coupons on four packs. Contradictory information maybe but they also sell Kodak Gold and 800 speed film. The sales on the Kodak film have been EXTREME. I've stocked up buying $18 4-packs of 800 speed Kodak for AROUND FIVE BUCKS EACH. lol. Yes, around $1.25 a roll.

I use a Plustek scanner. Not staring at it right now so I can't tell you the exact model but it was around $250 dollars and it has great software that removes dusts and scratches to the point I've never even thought about them since I've been doing this other than to wonder where the heck they are. So I recommend the Plustek as well.

Back to Walgreens for developing as they are knocking $2 off per roll until December 31st with the customer code on their website. I won't list it here. I go for processing only and ask them not to cut the negatives. The kid there cut me a piece of the tube they roll posters into and they put my uncut negative strip in their so as not to put too much of a curve in the strip. But no-prints and no-DVD puts the price of processing at around $3 and change.

Results have been absolutely just fine. My first processing and scanning at the pro camera shop was horrible. The scans were a joke. So... Walgreens is my best advice for someone new to this and wanting to shoot color film. And I know someone will likely pop up here and say, "Anyone who would take their film to Walgreens for processing can't be serious about their photography." Or something like that. My answer to that is that shooting film is a departure from the methods of professional paid photography. I would and have USED a film camera on documentary or 'reportage' photography and have taken the film to Walgreens. I would NEVER use a film camera, at all, however, on even a charity event where I would be providing images to a paying client.

Avoid the film vs. digital arguments or debates. Exposing light to film is a different sort of thing. It's wonderful. It's a project. The results are so different than digital M images.

All that said, I'm on my way to the camera store right now to talk about picking up an M-E. Never liked the color on my M9 but I really really miss being able to shoot shoot shoot and now that I have my dream glass, the 50 Lux ASPH, I would love to have that digital freedom. And I'm impatient in waiting for the new 'M' and I believe I'm going to need a second 'M' digital body anyway, maybe it can be the M-E for shooting black & white.

Enjoy the journey.

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