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alpha bet wrote:

I (and many others) don't like the idea of buying expensive electronics that use proprietary form factor batteries which become obsolete before the device does. So what do manufacturers do to ameliorate our concerns? Well, occasionally they build devices that use standard cells! The rest of the time they keep shortening the life of the device until it matches the disposable nature of what powers it. I don'tlike that. So I think out-loud and I was wrong. I'm not too concerned with my "scientific reputation", ego or how I come across. I just like results.

You can take great comfort that you live in the US and not in Australia. You can get the genuine stuff from B+H for less than $40. I will have to pay $30 plus for shipping. In Australia I would have to pay $120!!!  (one hundred and twenty dollars) for one genuine D-LI90 battery.

There is an Amazon deal for $26 for Wasabi D-LI90 kit with two batteries, charger and a car adaptor. It has been well received by people on Pentaxforum. I can't even get that, because Amazon US will not ship whole lot of stuff overseas.

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