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arry_girl, what I did....

OK, when I opened the OP's file in Photoshop I noticed that it did not have a working profile so I set one, sRGB.  I also noticed that there was a resolution setting of 767.75 so I changed that to 120 pixels per inch.
Knowing I was going to turn this into a "surreal"  B&W image I bumped the contrast and color saturation way up.
I then used Nik's Silver Efex Pro on it.  Using the Neutral preset as a starting point I then made additional adjustments using the "Film Types" => "Sensitivity" options to my taste and then adjusted the "Tone Curve".   Next while still in Silver Efex Pro I used "Stylizing" => "Toning" again to my taste to get the "Blue tone".
Now back to Photoshop, I made a duplicate copy of the layer that Silver Efex created, on the layer below this copy I used a Gaussian blur of about 1.5 pixels, now on the layer above this I set the opacity to about 80%  and saved the result as a jpeg for the web.  Along the way I removed some elements from the original image that I did not personally like such as some rocks in the foreground and some sensor dust that turned up during the contrast boost.



arry_girl wrote:

prstl2 wrote:

My surreal effect effort...



nuggy wrote:

I tried but failed....

Paul, that is stunning. Care to enlighten the rest of the class how you achieved such a gorgeous result?

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