So what's going on Canon 5D 2 &3 and Nikon D800

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Re: canon does better in video

Bamboojled wrote:

Nope, not cruising for a fight at all.

I would rather be able to come on to the Canon forum and read about how happy folks are with their new camera or lens and how they are using them to advance their photography.

I am a gearhead and like to look at what the competition is offering from Sony, Canon, Leica, Pentax and Olympus.

Unfortunately, this forum does have an obsession with Nikon, as has been posted in the past by may Canon folks.

However, if there is something that is not accurate, I try to reply and correct, not based on my opinion but by providing links and reviews that point otherwise.

But you are are the only man in the world that see big advantage in nikon video.

Joe that made the review shows that both are good in different way. He confirm the same in a private message. You can ask the same to him if you want.

But for you not, for you only the nikon is good, far good.

In one word, T R O L L or you have smoked the Bamboo..

P.S.: i'am not a canon fun, but only i canon user.

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