XE-1 Kit with 18-55 before X-mas in US?

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Re: XE-1 Kit with 18-55 before X-mas in US?

jsgraves22 wrote:

threeOh wrote:

jsgraves22 wrote:

Fuji will likely miss a lot of sales if they don't get the kit out before Christmas I would imagine.

Miss sales? They can't make enough of them. And, in other countries, they sell at higher prices. Xmas? Hopefully people are buying the camera as a primary criteria, not an Xmas gift.

Ive never understood the instant gratification needs of some buyers. It frequently appears that the gratification takes priority over the camera as they frequently cancel orders and buy whatever's in stock.

Simple economics. A lot of people budget money for purchases this time of year. If "X" item doesn't make it on the shelves before Christmas, sales will decline.

You and I have a far different view of instant gratification as well. I ordered this camera back in September. Retailers listed early November as the delivery date. I think the real issue here is a lack of communication between distribution and the retailers. It would be nice to have a good idea as if this kit will be available or not.

I never understood why folks take the time to reply to a topic thread (missing the main purpose of the thread mind you) with a negative comment.


Yes, its simple economics.  Supply is determined by production, sales by demand, there's less supply than demand so sales will not be missed.  How can sales decline when they will sell out.  And based on the reviews subsequent to both our order dates, the situation may continue beyond Xmas.

I ordered in early October.  At the time it was obvious the XE-1 was going to be a hot item.  Missed delivery dates are the norm in these situations.  Its an issue throughout the industry and people have been commenting on delivery date expectations that are frequently not met for decades.  People should be realistic in their expectations.

My admittedly negative comment was directed at the numerous comments I read every time a new camera is supply curtailed.  The buyers who, after making a supposedly informed decision on what camera they want, cancel the order and go buy something that happens to be readily available.  I believe my statement made that quite clear, "frequently cancel orders and buy whatever's in stock."

If delivery is important to you, I assume you ordered, or have contacted, Fuji's smaller dealers.  The comment just above mine states it quite well.  At least with my experience when Nikon has a hot new camera, the smaller shops tend to get stock ahead of the larger ones.  In the case of this referenced comment, it appears the same with Fuji.

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