What to buy bridge or canon dslr, always the same question for me!

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Re: What to buy bridge or canon dslr, always the same question for me!

The problem is that to get the best quality, you have to pay for it...

A bridge camera like the FZ200 is a very capable place to start, and covers a lot of area in one unit, but just won't deliver the same quality as a more dedicated and specialised setup. Certainly the quality delivered is more than enough for many people, but to some degree it will depend on personal preferences and what you are comparing it against.

A DSLR kit setup is never going to be as versatile - the standard 18-55mm kit lens is a great value and capable lens, but just won't cover the same range of focal lengths or minimum focussing distance, which means to expand your capabilities you are already spending more money on the appropriate lenses - a 55-250mm IS for a basic telephoto, or a dedicated macro lens for example.

If you do commit to spending the money though, you will have a superior and more capable system overall - you can tailor your lens choices to exactly what you use the most, you will get a better bokeh and higher quality from the larger format sensor and so on.

I guess it depends on what it is worth to you - I started out with a basic kit and slowly expanded and specialised my lenses and accessories over time, and couldn't go back to a superzoom style camera now, but if you are just starting out it is certainly a tempting platform to let you experiment before diving into the deep end.

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