Do you think trading a Panasonic 20mm to a 25mm + 200 dollars is a good deal?

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Re: Do you think trading a Panasonic 20mm to a 25mm + 200 dollars is a good deal?

lambert4 wrote:

A simple linear polarizing filter, mine is a Lumix 46mm DMW LPL46 but it does what my Gf1 and GH did when using slower ISO as far as allowing me to still shoot wide for DOF and not having blown highlights in the backgrounds. I think it is about a 1-2 stop difference if I recall. I am not a super technical shooter, but know it makes a big difference in the harsh daytime light here in AZ.

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If all you want is to slow down the shutter speed, it might be worth looking at a neutral density filter too.

The PL filter you use will be having an effect on the image beyond just cutting the light - it blocks light of a certain polarisation, which has the effect of deepening the blue of the sky, cutting through haze and removing reflections from surfaces to name a few. Sometimes this is exactly what you want, others not.

An ND filters only purpose is to cut down on the light levels, so pop one on the front of your lens and it will reduce the light intensity (by a set amount, 1,2 and 3 stop filters are commonly available) without having any other effect on the image.

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